Animated Story Book for Julie Richards

At last, ROJ can finally reveal what he's been up to recently. He's created a two and a half minute long 3D animation of a pop-up story book to help Julie Richards from Forever Living tell her story and how Forever can change people's lives. Click here to find out more!

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Rebrand for Miles Window Systems

ROJ has recently finished rebranding Miles Window Systems, a windows, doors and conservatories company based in Wiltshire. Business cards, vehicle signage and newspaper advertising have received special attention.

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Ta Daaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last! My new website! :) Apologies for the delay but like a builder, I've never had chance to sort my own house out as I've been busy working on my clients' projects. Have a look around and you'll see what I've been up to recently. There will be more news shortly so stay tuned! [...]

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