Project Description

Julie Richards is a successful Business Developer with Forever Living and approached ROJ to help her create a short animated film to help promote her business and demonstrate how Forever Living can change people’s lives.

After much brain storming and test concepts, Julie and ROJ settled on the concept of a 3D animated ‘popup’ story book to deliver the message. Part of the brief was to make the film as personal to Julie as possible as it’s her character that attracts new people and business. Julie narrates the animation and appears in the book along with her animated signature to make it more individual.

Julie wrote the script which then allowed ROJ to produce a storyboard. Imagery was carefully selected and then added to the animation along with various ‘price’ graphics designed by ROJ. Julie’s narration was professionally recorded at The Egg Recording Studio (located at Shepperton Studios) and provided the base for the whole film. The animated ‘pop-ups’, page turns and camera angles were then set in time with the voice over.

A rough and ready ‘animatic’ was rendered out to confirm timings, pace and camera angles. Once signed off, the long process of rendering each frame began. It took over a week for the trusty iMac to render all 3750 frames, each one in 1920 x 1080 HD.

The final frames were given subtle treatment in After Effects and brought together along with the voice over and backing track.

Julie is delighted with her animation and the final product has been well received.

Click here to watch the finished animated video – ‘The Key To Your Future’