Project Description

This project started out as a “I need a new website doing” but was oblivious to their brand identity. So before any work commenced on the website, it was ‘strip back to basics’.

Initial designs had the name constructed out of blocks or surrounded by blocks to reflect the nature of the majority of work they specialise in – block driveways. None of the designs were working out but the concept of building it from blocks was a positive direction. The decision was made to rather than make the name from blocks but to create a simplified symbol made from blocks. So the ‘N’ and the ‘L’ were fused together in 3D entirely made from blocks. Using the 3D camera around the model, the best angle was set to ensure that both letters could be visible in the structure. The model was rendered out and then traced in Illustrator to create appropriate vector artwork to be used with all aspects of the business.

First up was the website. The site is constructed in Adobe Muse and all content was updated or brought in line to fit within the new structure. A Facebook page was given a shortened address, new cover photo and Avatar.

Business cards, stationery and uniform were also given the treatment ensuring brand consistency across the company.