Project Description

Before you say it, yes the inspiration came from the 1980’s childrens TV show ‘Terrahawks’.

Plasterhawks is Kevin Ring who is a fellow member of the Thameside Business Association. During our regular meetings I always threatened to come up with a new logo for his company and so, during some down time I carried out the deed. The result was a new logo/identity being applied to the whole company.

Business cards, stationery, social media graphics, vehicle signage and updates to the website followed.

The original concept was to create a hawk made from the shape of a plasterer’s hawk; the tool that holds the plaster in one hand whilst the other hand applies the plaster to the wall. Not much success came with this idea but ROJ decided on the rule that any shapes within the logo had to be created from 4 sides (equal to a plasterers hawk). The result was a stylised hawk and it’s position set up similar to the TV show Terrahawks’ logo (centralised with wings spread). Red was brought through from the old logo to give some continuity as originally the van was not going to be re-branded.