Julie Richards – Forever Living


Julie Richards is a successful Business Developer with Forever Living and approached ROJ to help her create a short animated film to help promote her business and demonstrate how Forever Living can change people's lives. After much brain storming and test concepts, Julie and ROJ settled on the concept of a 3D animated 'popup' story [...]

The Jewellery Superstore


ROJ Design was approached to create an identity for a new online e-commerce site 'The Jewellery Superstore'. The final result was a simplified outline shape of a large building representing a superstore and adding three highlights or 'sparkles' to add a visual link to jewellery. To test the brand, a mockup of potential packaging was [...]

Noble Landscapes


This project started out as a "I need a new website doing" but was oblivious to their brand identity. So before any work commenced on the website, it was 'strip back to basics'. Initial designs had the name constructed out of blocks or surrounded by blocks to reflect the nature of the majority of work [...]