Project Description

Kallea is a beauty and holistic therapy business based in Lyne and ROJ Design was tasked with creating its identity. Kallea is a Greek name for girls meaning beauty or goodness and the word also bears resemblance to the Kalla Lily which happens to be one of the client’s favourite flowers. So the initial designs followed the shape of the Kalla Lily. After one or two sketches it was decided not to pursue this route.

So the next option was to focus on the ‘K’ as it is such a strong sound when pronouncing ‘Kallea’. All manner of patterns and designs were created using the letter K. Eventually, a mirror image of a K was chosen and then reshaped so give the impression they intertwined. The word Kallea was placed underneath the shape and placed on a rectangular block of colour. Variations of colour were tested to see if the logo could be altered to suit a particular season for promotional purposes.

So far so good but it was felt that the background block was too harsh and angular for a health and well being company so this was swapped out for a circle. Using Adobe Kuler, the client was able to pick a sample of colours from one of their favourite flowers and these were then applied to the logo. Variations of type positioning were tried out along with an added border around the circle to help it stand out from different backgrounds.

Once settled, the new identity was taken through to business cards, gift vouchers, and ultimately the website. The site was built with e-commerce in mind to allow the client to administer price changes, promotions, sales and also have the capability to sell future planned products.