Project Description

‘I need a new website doing’ was the initial brief. Okay but what was the brand identity to start me going?

ROJ design was faced with various bits of ‘design’ applied here, there and everywhere throughout the company. Different fonts, colours and layout littered the scene.

The starting point was to pick out some elements from the old ‘branding’. One consistent element was the ‘P&T’ in capitals and the use of red and green on various materials. These were brought closer together, the word ‘Repairs’ located underneath in lowercase to help it stand apart from P&T in uppercase. All of the elements were brought together into a block to keep the logo tight. The two colours of red and green were used to split the ‘P&T’ apart from ‘Repairs’. All text was made white to stand out from the background colours. Perhaps sub consciously, the thought of the Italian flag colours were in mind due to the amount of Italian Sportscars P&T get to restore and repair. Equally, they also reflect the colours of Castrol Oil. A brand steeped in motor vehicle history.

Once the logo was established, it was soon rolled out across the company. Business cards were created with two backings. One with an old Ford Anglia van restored by P&T with traditional hand sign-writing!!!! The other was the latest vehicle converted by P&T, a previously damaged BMW 5-Series estate, minus the roof to create a unique pick-up truck. This vehicle was updated with the new branding.

A new website was created in Adobe Muse and showcases all of the fantastic work P&T carry out. The navigation at the top of the page was designed to look like an old car chrome radiator grill to reflect the nature of the restoration work that is done.

Stationery was created including invoices, receipts, crash damage reports and letterheads.

Signage for the workshop was updated with a new external board, window graphics and in particular an illuminated sign was commissioned to allow the company to be seen from the end of the road during the dark winter months.