Project Description

This has to be one of the quickest logo designs ROJ Design has completed. All created in one hour due to a very tight budget. ‘Numbers’ was the obvious thing that sprang to mind with bookkeeping but we didn’t feel this was particularly innovative. However, it’s how numbers are used and manipulated that got me thinking. A calculator was the starting point but if that image of a calculator was shrunk down with its complex shape of buttons and numbers, it would become unrecogniseable.

I took a step back and concentrated on the four buttons of the calculator that are applied to numbers during the bookkeeping process. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

I was provided with instant universal recognised symbols within the logo. The blue background was kept and a 3D look to help them stand out from the page. Yellow was the original symbol colour but changed to white to help them stand out more. The layout of buttons was rotated 45 degrees to give them a more dynamic appearance. Also a hint of a ‘shield’ look about it.

It was finished off with a yellow gradient block in the background to highlight the negative space between the buttons and also create the impression of arrows shooting out from the middle to add movement.

The logo was then applied to business cards and letterheads. The logo and associated colours were also applied to their website. This was designed and developed externally.