Project Description

The original brief with this project was to update and change a few web pages for a Weybridge based masseur. Having met the client, finding out the requirements and looking at the whole appearance of the company, it was decided that this company needed a proper brand identity before commencing work on the website.

KR Massage was the new name for the company and so the quest for the perfect logo began. Usual concepts with fonts were used on the ‘KR’. Elements of the business were also included in the design, such as a droplet of oil. One idea was that the treatment room of this new business would be next to the River Thames so the concept of water or waves were introduced to the logo. The shapes created were felt no be not strong enough but it was only when one particular shape from a water design resembled the arch of the lower back. This was then combined with the oil droplet shape from another design. The final design shows the oil droplet (albeit much larger than real life) being dropped onto the back arch shape representing what the masseur does. It also doubles up as a lily symbol to make the connection with the river.

The design was then applied to all areas of the business. The website, business cards, stationery, uniform, gift vouchers and pop-up marketing banners.