Project Description

Village Matters is a magazine that covers the Sunbury, Shepperton and Laleham areas and ROJ Design was commissioned to come up with a logo.

Starting point were the initials of Village Matters. The ‘V’ and the “M’ interlocked have a similar shape so the focus was on interlocking those letters. A variety of designs were trialled until the right balance of the two letters could be found. A block element was added to help the logo stand out/give it a ‘stamp of approval’. It also allowed the written ‘Village Matters’ to be incorporated and form part of that stamp.

The use of red is a continuation of the old branding before. Grey was used for the triangle that forms the ‘V’. White was considered but was deemed to get lost in the white ‘M’.

The client (Monica Chard) was extremely pleased with the end result as it became personal to her as she now has a logo with a very predominant ‘M’ on it. :)

The logo designed for Village Matters is fantastic. It is the professional touch that my company image needed. Roger Dunn understood my requirements and my business and perfectly executed the logo. It was a pleasure dealing with him.
Monica Chard (Editor of Village Matters).